Review and Buying Guide of Edimax GS-1008PH Gigabit Ethernet 8 Ports Switch

Makes a considerable improvement when streaming from my. Established a gig velocity home community with three of these, tv home, property workplace, and online games space. All driven from spare usb ports on other units, which is awesome. Can make a major advancement when streaming from my nas box, or backing up devices more than the network. They work fantastic with 100mb products also.

All the operation for a fraction of the cost of other 5-port gigabit switches, under no circumstances head 8-port models. All plastic situation, charger individual with a proper 13a plug gained (with 5v power coming out from top of plug – not constantly perfect for multi-way strip with opposing sockets, but i am having definitely picky below). Also provided is a energy direct to support feed from a usb socket (say on a computer) to the system, preserving you a 13a socket, but then reliant on computer system staying on. Back to purpose: this product or service does all that other switches do at three or 4 occasions the cost. Leds point out sockets energetic, which include site visitors action. Mounting slots in the rear let for wall mounting – the unit is so gentle, compact screws or even velcro could do the occupation. Steel scenario, if that issues to you. Indication of 100mbs connections vs 1000mbs connections (some switches give color indication of this).

Wonderful compact switch that i have extra to my plex. Nice compact switch that i have included to my plex setup of 4 nas drives. Runs neat and rapidly and has not allow me down.

Key specs for Edimax GS-1008PH Gigabit Ethernet 8 Ports Switch with 4 POE Ports:

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  • Complies with IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.3af, and 802.3at standards
  • Supplies 48V DC with 30W output per port (80W total power budget)
  • Automatically detects power devices (PD) and power consumption levels
  • Supports auto fault detection (over/under current & voltage)
  • Supports IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet

Comments from buyers

“which is nice. Makes a significant improvement when streaming from my , All the functionality for a fraction of the price of other 5-port Gigabit switches, never mind 8-port units, Clever idea to reduce no of power blocks/consumption, Gigabit switch that can be powered by USB., Nice compact switch that I have added to my Plex , Nice piece of kit”

Gigabit switch that can be run by usb. . This is a fantastic 8 port gigabit switch that can be driven by usb i expended ages seeking for 1 of these and i am so glad i discovered this 1. I required further ports future to my router and actually did not want nevertheless an additional electrical power adapter plugged in. As my router has a usb port on the again this switch just plugs straight in and presents me lots of further ports.

Distinct instructions, functions nicely.

Clever concept to lower no of energy blocks/usage. I only had 1 community cable acquiring to my television area, but i wanted one more relationship stage for the bluray player. I absolutely did not want nonetheless an additional electricity block regularly plugged in for a ‘standard’ 5 port switch, so this is suitable. I plug this on the usb labelled 1a on my samsung television, theoretically for usb difficult disks. I only ever need to have community when the telly is on, and when we use bluray, the telly is on of course, so this community switch is only switched on and draws electric power when needed.