One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of 1m | green

  1. Size: 0,5m|Colour: orange - 10 pieces Verified Purchase
    Quality and good vivd colours. . Good quality cat6 cables, can be a little stiff to bend around in a tight switch cabinet but that’s typical of a thicker quality cable. I love the choice of vivid colours and they really do help simplify routing mixed networks, as a freelance engineer i like to be able to leave the cabinets with a really obvious wiring colour code, and it draws attention to less tech savvy customers that phones are routed and patched in x colour and maybe a workgroup in another. Better than being faced with an all grey cabinet when the pressure is on. Really go latch and click from these cables, and yet still easy enough to extract not suffering from staying tightly locked.
    • Size: 7,5m|Colour: white - 1 piece Verified Purchase
      A bit stiff due to the shielding i guess but went into mini trunking ok.

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