Review and Buying Guide of (2 Years Warranty) Veetop Flat CAT7 High Speed 8Gbps RJ45 Ethernet LAN Networking Cable with STP Copper Wires Shielded & Gold Plated Connector for Computer Laptop Router Patch Modem Switch Box (Flat-2m/6.5ft-Black)

Amazing ethernet cable does the occupation it is supposed nicely made cable, flat with gold connectors, would propose obtaining from this organization the delivery was rapid and effectively packaged itemi received this product or service at a discounted value in return for a sincere impartial overview.

This network cable, is modest in measurement due to the flat make up of the cable. It means that it can be rolled up to a compact neat offer, which i think is substantially smaller than a typical community cable of related length. The connections on the cable are stable, and effectively produced and i imagine robust enough to withstand numerous plugging and unplugging. I’ve experienced expertise with some network cables where the connector is weak and cheaply designed indicating that it snaps, rendering the full cable ineffective. I’m not able to comment on the cat7 make-up of the cable, as i’m not applying it to it truly is fullest capacity, but in my established up it offers superb transfer speeds. I was presented this product at a low cost in return for a evaluation, which i have presented overtly and actually. As a new reviewer to amazon, i would enjoy if you marked this review as useful or not so that i can strengthen my opinions.

Superior shopper care and products. I at first obtained one which even though it looked fantastic was not a excellent fit and popped out plenty of to get rid of connection. I wrote a critique and the enterprise contacted me to offer a alternative which they dispatched speedily. This functions flawlessly and i was clearly just unlucky to get a rogue cable. So solution and buyer treatment to assure a excellent working experience both equally good. You can purchase cat six more affordable but won’t glance as excellent and not as upcoming evidence.

Comments from buyers

“Issues with 10Gbps, A simple yet great product, Fantastic flexible upgrade, future proofing your network., Delivering 200+ Mbs, Professional, future proof standard. Must buy., It is time to upgrade”

Terrific cable with restricted finishes and terrific speed. Fantastic cable, rather of making use of wi-fi i run it from my router in my hall under the carpet upstairs to my computer. It has not let me down however, there will not show up to be any sign degredation even although i bought a 30m cable, and it connects to my router at the total 1gbps. My line relationship speed is seventy nine/twenty, and when downloading some thing from a quickly server these kinds of as a match from steam, it maxes out all around nine. Couldn’t be happier, cable finishes are great quality and i wouldn’t hesitate getting from this organization all over again.

Excellent versatile update, long run proofing your network. . Know-how is advancing at an outstanding level. So is how we use and view matters. I lately took inventory of our outgoings and realised that what we ended up spending for our cable products and services was having preposterous. We no more time check out linear channels, the cell phone line has not experienced a phone connected for 3 years and the only point we had been applying in big quantities was the broadband. To make certain the broadband was up to date and ready to cope with the multitude of units related to it i upgraded our infrastructure to cope. We already had a single of the latest apple time capsule broadcasting on the ac frequency but we had a split down the center of the residence where by the placement of it was irrelevant there was constantly a lifeless facet. Our resolution was to invest in a different apple airport serious and link the two by ethernet cable. I researched cables and realised there are now three further enhancements to the r45 cat cables considering that the typical cat5 that is equipped with most hardware. Most web pages propose cat5e as satisfactory and everything greater to be an needless cost. The broadband link we have is 200mbs and established to increase at yearly intervals, also the length of cable essential was a whopping 25 metres so i wasn’t having any odds. I plumped for the cat6a, just one down from the most up-to-date cat7 and a good solid cable at an proper selling price issue. Every little thing was wired up and related and i found the patch cable from the supplied modem to my apple router wouldn’t do the job so i experienced to vacation resort to the conventional provided cable. I’d just spent all this cash and the bottleneck was at the stage exactly where the signal comes in.

This is a review on the (2 years warranty) veetop® flat cat7 high speed 10gbps rj45 ethernet lan networking cable with sstp copper wires shielded & gold plated connector for computer laptop router patch modem switch box (flat-3m/9. 8ft-white)i am suitably impressed with this merchandise. I have been searching to upgrade my residence ethernet cable connections and everything that can improve speed and reliability will get my vote. This is a major of the line cable with the latest tech at cat seven which can carry huge speeds. In testing i can explain to straight absent the advancement. The flat cable in good for under carpet laying and hardly demonstrates ant bumps at all. Total a nicely intended and well manufactured item that i am happy to recommend. You will not be dissatisfied with your acquire. This merchandise was presented by the vendor as a assessment sample both no cost of demand or at a discounted amount.

One thought on “Review and Buying Guide of (2 Years Warranty) Veetop Flat CAT7 High Speed 8Gbps RJ45 Ethernet LAN Networking Cable with STP Copper Wires Shielded & Gold Plated Connector for Computer Laptop Router Patch Modem Switch Box (Flat-2m/6.5ft-Black)

  1. Size: 5m/16.4ft|Colour: White
    Quick delivery, good value cable. Ideal for attaching to skirting board.
    • Size: 3m|Colour: Black Verified Purchase
      Good price and quality cable works great no drops in speed so all good.
  2. Size: 1.5m|Colour: Black Verified Purchase

    This review is from : (2 Years Warranty) Veetop Flat CAT7 High Speed 8Gbps RJ45 Ethernet LAN Networking Cable with STP Copper Wires Shielded & Gold Plated Connector for Computer Laptop Router Patch Modem Switch Box (Flat-2m/6.5ft-Black)

    Good product at a good price. I now have 8 of these cables in my network. Good product at a good price.
    • Size: 5m/16.4ft|Colour: White Verified Purchase
      Data transfers upto 4 times faster than my existing cat5e cable. Cheap way to boost your internal home network speed.
      • Size: 5m/16.4ft|Colour: White Verified Purchase
        Good cable for now 2cond day. Good cable for now 2cond day 🙂 , warranty is not that good probably, if cable damage happens it’s off.
  3. Size: 15 m|Colour: White Verified Purchase

    This review is from : (2 Years Warranty) Veetop Flat CAT7 High Speed 8Gbps RJ45 Ethernet LAN Networking Cable with STP Copper Wires Shielded & Gold Plated Connector for Computer Laptop Router Patch Modem Switch Box (Flat-2m/6.5ft-Black)

    Item arrived on time and seems to work ok, not sure if it has improved network speed as i changed from cat5e to cat 7. The cable is connected between router and modem.
    • Size: 0.5m|Colour: Black Verified Purchase
      As far as this veetop high speed cat 7 cable is concerned, the relevant construction and performance parameters would appear to be:1. Cable conductor material: pure copper3. Data wires within the cable structure are shielded (but not double-shielded) from ‘cross-talk’ by aluminium mylar foil (85% tinned)5. Cable jacket material: pvc6. Includes 2x snagless connector covers7. Performance: up to 8gb/s at 750mhz*8. Structure: 8p8c, stranded, with connectors shielded from em and rf interference9. External dimensions (cable): 7. 3mm (d)(* the transfer speeds you obtain, in practice, will of course depend on the speed of your broadband connection and/or the types of ethernet ports into which the cable is plugged. In the case of a regular domestic installation, the speed of the incoming data is unlikely to better a maximum of 100mb/s – and the data transfer/streaming rate between devices will only exceed this if the equipment is specifically rated at a higher level, although this is unlikely to exceed 1gb/s at the present time)the cable i have purchased is working well enough, for now, but i do have some slight reservations about it – namely:- a flat ribbon-like cable may be more flexible and able to negotiate confined spaces, but are the data wires inside the pvc casing really shielded as well as they would be within a (regular) rounder and stouter cable?- i am always concerned about those sprung plastic latchers that are perched at the ends of each connector. These are the weak spots of any cable of this type and are likely to fail, sooner or laterin summary:this flat cable is something of a novel innovation: if you are operating a complex network/lan, with lots of cables, i suppose its flat and snagless design might make it easier to route through the tangle – but apart from a superior bandwidth, i can’t see that it offers any other gains in terms of speed or performance on my own modest network.
      • Size: 3m|Colour: White Verified Purchase
        Replaced my cat 5e cables with these and the difference is immediately noticeable. Still getting 38mbs fibre speed but the bandwidth has increased websites are opening 3x quicker.
  4. Size: 1.5m|Colour: White Verified Purchase
    I prefer to use cables in my home network, i’ve been using cables like these since cat3 cables were the norm. This cat7 cable is a quality cable, there is a noticeable difference in speed, compared to the cat 6 cable i was previously using. If you need a fast short cable, this is the one for you.
    • Size: 1.5m|Colour: Black Verified Purchase
      Came through fairly quickly, well made, though not sure if there is a speed advantage using this, as i cannot see any difference compared to the cat 5 cable it replace, but its future proof as others have saidused to connect between my router and imac.

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