Review and Buying Guide of (2 Years Warranty) Veetop Flat Ethernet Cables 10m/32.8ft Cat7 High Speed 8Gbps RJ45 Cat 7 Networking Ethernet Cable with STP Copper Wires Shielded & Gold Plated Connector for Computer Laptop Router Patch Modem Switch Box (White)

Not capable to get hold of even one gbps speed. . I you should not get 1 gbps speed with this, received one gbps speed with a distinctive cable. Cat 7 should really give me ten gbps.

An 8 port 10gb switch is above £350 and a superior community card for my laptop is about £200. I have a substantial house with a 1000base-t network. Technically, this cable is able of managing 10 periods that speed. I can at present copy documents from one particular computer to yet another about as quick as i can copy from just one inner generate to an additional, but for closely utilized networks, i can see how 10gb ethernet could arrive in helpful. For the time currently being, an 8 port 10gb switch is more than £350 and a very good community card for my computer is about £200. So you could speculate why you would even will need such a cable for now. The reply is that you get a top rated high-quality cable, it’s backwards suitable and will cope with older requirements just great. With greater classification cables, the quantity of windings per pair is precisely managed and differs for each colour pair. That minimizes crosstalk among the pairs. Cat 7 takes matters a number of measures further more and presents each pair an entirely different defend for the most total isolation of any common.

This network cable, is compact in measurement owing to the flat make up of the cable. It signifies that it can be rolled up to a little neat bundle, which i believe is much smaller sized than a typical network cable of similar size. The connections on the cable are good, and very well manufactured and i think sturdy enough to face up to several plugging and unplugging. I have had working experience with some network cables the place the connector is weak and cheaply manufactured that means that it snaps, rendering the overall cable worthless. I am unable to comment on the cat7 make-up of the cable, as i’m not applying it to it really is fullest ability, but in my set up it presents fantastic transfer speeds. I was delivered this products at a discount in return for a critique, which i have provided brazenly and truthfully. As a new reviewer to amazon, i would enjoy if you marked this review as handy or not so that i can enhance my testimonials.

Key specs for (2 Years Warranty) Veetop Flat Ethernet Cables 10m/32.8ft Cat7 High Speed 8Gbps RJ45 Cat 7 Networking Ethernet Cable with STP Copper Wires Shielded & Gold Plated Connector for Computer Laptop Router Patch Modem Switch Box (White):

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  • 1.CAT7 STANDARD, HIGH SPEED: Latest CAT 7 standard ethernet cables support the bandwidth up to 750MHz, 8Gbps high speed data transmission, much faster than Cat6a Ethernet cables. So that you can surf the internet, stream video, music, download and upload the file at greater speed without worrying about the transmission jam.
  • 2.GOLD PLATED COPPER CONNECTOR: Shielded twisted pair STP of copper wires Cat 7 cable – Each twisted pair is shielded with Aluminum Mylar Foil Plus 85% Tinned. Compared to the Cat 6 or downward cable, it can efficiently provides better protection from crosstalk, noise, and prevent from interference and transmission damping, and the gold plated finishing conductors in each RJ45 connector ensure the contact is durable and stable.
  • 3.FLAT & SLIM (2.3mm thickness) DESIGN, Space Efficient: Simply and easily to layout your network system, especially for office use purpose with long flat cable, along the wall or under carpet on the floor. More size (Black/ White) for your choice ¨C 0.5m(1.6ft)/ 1.5m(4.9ft)/ 2m(6.5ft)/ 3m(9.8ft)/ 5m(16.4ft)/ 10m(32.8ft)/ 15m(49ft)/ 20m(65ft)/ 25m(82ft)/ 30m(98ft)/ 50m(164ft)
  • 4.BACKWARD COMPATIBLE with Cat-6a / Cat-6 / Cat-5e, Suitable for home networks, Switch Box, Modem, Router, Patch Panel, Patch Field, Power Lan, Network Storage devices, network Printers etc.
  • 5.COMPLIANT with ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B, 2-1. Pass FLUKE-DTX-1800 TEST. Standard: 750MHz, 10Gbps, 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-T4, 1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-T, ATM-25, ATM-51, ATM-155, 100VG-AnyLan, TR-4, TR-16 Active, TR-16 Passive.

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“Issues with 10Gbps, Delivering 200+ Mbs, A simple yet great product, Fantastic flexible upgrade, future proofing your network., Future proof cable ?, Professional, future proof standard. Must buy.”

Like these cables, they are certainly high high-quality. They attribute the gold plated end and the coated rubber flap that assists to protect from snapping the clip on the conclusion of the cables (genius imagined, as these are the most probable to be damaged on an rj45 cable). I are not able to fault them, i appreciate the layout and the truth they are flat so tightly in shape from a wall and acquire up less room than an normal spherical cable, there is a massive assortment of dimensions available although i built the error of getting the incorrect dimension i would make certain that you can evaluate the space you approach to use the cable so you you should not have to swap it for anothercannot fault veetop and even though i’ve not experienced a challenge it is really great they have a two yr warranty.

Great adaptable improve, future proofing your network. . Technology is advancing at an incredible fee. So is how we use and watch factors. I a short while ago took stock of our outgoings and realised that what we had been spending for our cable companies was receiving preposterous. We no for a longer time look at linear channels, the phone line hasn’t had a cell phone related for 3 years and the only detail we had been working with in enormous amounts was the broadband. To make sure the broadband was up to day and in a position to cope with the multitude of products related to it i upgraded our infrastructure to cope. We already had one of the most current apple time capsule broadcasting on the ac frequency but we had a break up down the middle of the home where by the placement of it was irrelevant there was normally a lifeless side. Our solution was to acquire yet another apple airport excessive and link the two by ethernet cable. I researched cables and realised there are now 3 even more enhancements to the r45 cat cables since the common cat5 that is provided with most components. Most websites suggest cat5e as sufficient and everything greater to be an unwanted cost. The broadband connection we have is 200mbs and set to maximize at annually intervals, also the size of cable desired was a whopping twenty five metres so i was not getting any prospects. I plumped for the cat6a, 1 down from the most recent cat7 and a fantastic reliable cable at an appropriate price tag level. All the things was wired up and related and i identified the patch cable from the equipped modem to my apple router would not perform so i had to vacation resort to the common provided cable. I might just expended all this funds and the bottleneck was at the level exactly where the signal will come in.

Fantastic quality, does what it needs to. . I requested this for my office environment, and if my wire doesn’t work then it mainly stops my career. It has a excellent clasp that presents a definite clip when connected, and appears uncomplicated to unclip when required. The wire is durable and as envisioned. It feels a great quality product, that i would fortunately advise. I have received this at a lower price in exchange for an honest evaluation.

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  1. Size: 0.5m|Colour: Black Verified Purchase
    As far as this veetop high speed cat 7 cable is concerned, the relevant construction and performance parameters would appear to be:1. Cable conductor material: pure copper3. Data wires within the cable structure are shielded (but not double-shielded) from ‘cross-talk’ by aluminium mylar foil (85% tinned)5. Cable jacket material: pvc6. Includes 2x snagless connector covers7. Performance: up to 8gb/s at 750mhz*8. Structure: 8p8c, stranded, with connectors shielded from em and rf interference9. External dimensions (cable): 7. 3mm (d)(* the transfer speeds you obtain, in practice, will of course depend on the speed of your broadband connection and/or the types of ethernet ports into which the cable is plugged. In the case of a regular domestic installation, the speed of the incoming data is unlikely to better a maximum of 100mb/s – and the data transfer/streaming rate between devices will only exceed this if the equipment is specifically rated at a higher level, although this is unlikely to exceed 1gb/s at the present time)the cable i have purchased is working well enough, for now, but i do have some slight reservations about it – namely:- a flat ribbon-like cable may be more flexible and able to negotiate confined spaces, but are the data wires inside the pvc casing really shielded as well as they would be within a (regular) rounder and stouter cable?- i am always concerned about those sprung plastic latchers that are perched at the ends of each connector. These are the weak spots of any cable of this type and are likely to fail, sooner or laterin summary:this flat cable is something of a novel innovation: if you are operating a complex network/lan, with lots of cables, i suppose its flat and snagless design might make it easier to route through the tangle – but apart from a superior bandwidth, i can’t see that it offers any other gains in terms of speed or performance on my own modest network.
    • Size: 3m|Colour: White Verified Purchase
      Replaced my cat 5e cables with these and the difference is immediately noticeable. Still getting 38mbs fibre speed but the bandwidth has increased websites are opening 3x quicker.
  2. Size: 1.5m|Colour: White Verified Purchase
    I prefer to use cables in my home network, i’ve been using cables like these since cat3 cables were the norm. This cat7 cable is a quality cable, there is a noticeable difference in speed, compared to the cat 6 cable i was previously using. If you need a fast short cable, this is the one for you.
    • Size: 1.5m|Colour: Black Verified Purchase
      Came through fairly quickly, well made, though not sure if there is a speed advantage using this, as i cannot see any difference compared to the cat 5 cable it replace, but its future proof as others have saidused to connect between my router and imac.
      • Size: 5m|Colour: Black Verified Purchase
        It arrived safely – the courier was a very nice helpful young man – we live in an awkward place for deliveries. Well done all those hard-working delivery folk.

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