Review and Buying Guide of NETGEAR XS708E-200NES ProSAFE 8-Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Web Managed

Will work out of the box with combined os and speeds. So much i have by no means experienced a poor merchandise from netgear and this is no exception. Performs out of the box without the need of bothering with the handy installation guideline. I have aged desktops, more recent laptops, nas containers and all function extremely perfectly. My only gripe was i was hoping the power supply would be integrated, not so, however a different power brick on the desk.

The career but the details and web interface is bad. The absence of the telnet server that was. Does the position but the info and web interface is inadequate. The absence of the telnet server that was available in earlier fw variations is the explanation i would not obtain another one particular (in this instance i didn’t have time to look for for an substitute).

This is the greatest switch i have at any time owned. Evaluation is for the gs108t-200uks. This is the very best switch i have ever owned, before you read through a further evaluation that says ‘i plugged it into my virgin media and it worked out of the box’ most switches must, it is basic operation, this web managed switch presents you access to just adequate more capabilities to make setting up an superior residence community, all in a moderately easy to have an understanding of web interface, setting up vlan’s and link aggregation to my nas was a breeze, i was so taken with the switch i determined to get it is really big brother the gs724tv4 which was terrible, it was so gradual and unbelievably tricky to try out and configure, any try to try out and set up any functions that where by even a bit advanced led to the device starting to be thoroughly un-accountable, the web if disconnecting and the network totally slowing down, pointless to say i despatched this again. The gs108t-200uks is an remarkable products, why they couldn’t have just built a sixteen or 24 port version that was as great only network is familiar with. I purchased this item with my personal dollars and decided to go away an sincere critique primarily based on my experiences, netgear have under no circumstances provided me no cost or discounted merchandise in exchange for favorable testimonials, but they can if they want.

Key specs for NETGEAR XS708E-200NES ProSAFE 8-Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Web Managed (Plus) Switch:

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  • 8 x 10 Gb copper with 1 x shared (combo) 10 Gb sfp+ port for connections to 10 Gb capable servers and NAS
  • Configurable L2 network features such as VLAN, QoS, IGMP snooping, port trunking (lag) and rate limiting
  • Auto denial-of-service (DoS) prevention, loop prevention, and broadcast Storm controls
  • Simple, yet useful network setup using web browser based management, apart from plug and play connectivity
  • Lifetime hardware Warranty, next-business-day replacement Warranty and chat technical support

Comments from buyers

“Confirmation that this model is the V2 GS108T-200UKS, Good SOHO managed switches for smaller networks, but documentation is not the best, Professional Solution, Excellent managed switch., Great value managed switch with extensive management tools, Easy to set up and nice features”

Affirmation that this design is the v2 gs108t-200uks. As the impression shows, but not so distinct soon after reading other resellers descriptions, i can verify that this is the v2 gs108t-200uks product in tiny gray box relatively than the bigger blue boxed v1. I experienced beforehand put in a pair of gs108t’s in a compact college and the switches have labored reliably for a amount of decades and i was delighted with how it executed and what characteristics it offered. When i needed to consider benefit of some of the attributes of a managed switch for property, my initial port of connect with was the gs108t. Soon after looking at by way of the choices, it was not obvious from the description no matter whether this was a v1 or a v2, but the picture confirmed a v2 so i took the plunge. I am happy to say that it was the v2 that was sent. Obtaining been use to the v1, i was astonished at how substantially smaller is it over the v1. Relocating from rear entry to front entry was initially wanting problematic, but the weight of the metallic scenario of the unit and scaled-down size allowed me to tuck it on its facet without it seeking to move beneath the rigidity of the cables that now had a ninety degree change in them. However not rather so easy to see what ports are active, but its only from time to time i want to do this. Setup was simple and mostly plug and participate in.

Pretty constant large overall performance switch, low latency and the webui is simple to entry. I would endorse this switch for everyone that demands lag, lacp, per-port error tracking or just a managed switch for vlan use. Effectively value the retail price tag.

Great hardware allow down by a java web application interface. . I selected this distinct switch for the means to have 24 ethernet ports at gigabit speeds which can be managed. On opening the packaging, i observed the switch and there was no question that this was a good quality product or service when it comes down to the construction of the components by itself. A huge move up from my earlier switch: a plastic tp-backlink 5 port switch which was incredibly creaky and light-weight. The mounting brackets went on like a doddle and allow for for the switch to be positioned on a wall at distinct angles (moreover the potential to rackmount). When powered on, the switch took a minute to load (a regular thing with managed switches) but settled really properly. I then employed the installer disc to install the application which authorized me to control the switch. This is a web interface, in distinction to that of other managed switches which can be linked to by telnet. The administration computer software is fairly very good but does have its disadvantages in that it uses an out-of-date java web app for some of the options which will be phased out of browsers such as firefox in the subsequent couple of months. Move forward with warning with this for the long expression if your setup requires to be safe, and also make absolutely sure that you continue to keep a vm with a browser and os helpful so you can however configure it devoid of trouble in the upcoming.

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  1. Style: Smart Managed 1GbE|Size: 26 Port Verified Purchase

    This review is from : NETGEAR XS708E-200NES ProSAFE 8-Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Web Managed (Plus) Switch

    Great value managed switch with extensive management tools. I’m running my home network over this switch – and it’s been silent and faultless since its initial power-up. It’s not the sexiest-looking switch around, some of netgear’s other offerings are much prettier, but for a box that sits in a dark room quietly doing its business, who cares?as a fully managed switch, it does take quite some time to boot up from cold, which can be a shock coming from unmanaged hardware, but connect this to a ups and you’ll never have to worry about that. The range of tools in the web management console is extensive, my only criticism would be that the device view page in the web manager requires a java applet, ruling out lots of modern browsers (really, a java applet in 2016??).
    • Style: Smart Managed 1GbE|Size: 26 Port Verified Purchase
      Great for home cat 6 network (ps cat 6 is. Great for home cat 6 network (ps cat 6 is better the wifi, if your able to get cables ni without too much hassel).
  2. Style: Smart Managed 1GbE|Size: 8 Port Verified Purchase

    This review is from : NETGEAR XS708E-200NES ProSAFE 8-Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Web Managed (Plus) Switch

    Great little unit, extremely low price, tons of features and really robust. It’s got a good weight and quality, professional feeling all-metal chassis rather than cheap nasty plastic. Highly recommended for the price and dead easy to set up. It works straight out of the box if you dont want to fiddle about with configuration or you’re not the geeky type (unlike me). It’s robust enough that it’ll go just about anywhere – mine’s under the tv but it’ll go in the garage, cupboard, hang on a wall or sit on a shelf quite happily. It also comes with little sticky rubbery feet that you can add if it’s shelf-mounted to stop it sliding about. Performance is impressive as it’s using proper asic switching technology and not firing traffic out on all ports and waiting for the designated destination host to pick up the signal (sorry – a bit techy). The poe acceptance port means i can power it from my meraki switch so i didn’t need to use the power adaptor included either – a cisco version of this device with as many features would cost upwards of £700 and then you’d need a qualified ccna engineer to configure it. I’m really impressed with it but slightly sad (and just a bit gloaty) that i got mine on amazon prime for £34.
  3. Style: Smart Managed 1GbE|Size: 8 Port Verified Purchase

    This review is from : NETGEAR XS708E-200NES ProSAFE 8-Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Web Managed (Plus) Switch

    Great product netgear switches never let you down. Been using them for 10 years.
  4. Style: FREE Arlo 1HD Camera kit|Size: 12 Port

    This review is from : NETGEAR XS708E-200NES ProSAFE 8-Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Web Managed (Plus) Switch

    This case are really perfect, works perfectdo you want to see your product in first page on az search rank.

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